Parents Council Chairpersons Address

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank all present members of the Parents Council for their support and involvement throughout 2012 and look forward to working with you all again this term to help support our growing school. 

Our AGM was a great success thanks to the Paramedics from South Tipperary General Hospital who demonstrated the importance of paediatric first aid.  I was disappointed that more of our parents didn’t participate but congratulations to all of those who got their First Aid certificates. 

I cannot stress enough the importance of the Parents Council, the work that we do every year with the school administration to provide our children with better facilities and academic material.  We fundraise ever year and all of this money is put to good use; for example we supplement the buying of books for the yearly curriculum, we support and supplement different activities in the school such as the swimming and Irish dancing.  We also buy and sell the tracksuits at cost price for every student in the school; if we did not supplement all of these then the cost of buying a tracksuit jumper or T-shirt would almost double in price as would the school books.

Over the years, between parent’s children leaving the school and for other reasons we have lost a number of our members and due to the decrease in size in the Parents Council we may have to disband. If this happens the running of the school books scheme, the purchasing of tracksuits and other activities will cease.  It is very hard to organise events to fundraise when you only have the support of a handful of parents that volunteer their time. So I would implore all parents to consider joining the Parents Council and you can contact me Christine Hourihan (Chairperson) at 086 0560418.  We will be delighted to welcome you into the Parents Council.

 From a personal point of view, when I first joined I really didn’t know what it was all about and I definitely didn’t realise the involvement that the Parents Council have in our school and I can safely say that now, I am very proud to be involved, to have knowledge of how our school is running and also to be able to support and advise on issues regarding the school which to me is extremely rewarding.  It was also a great opportunity for me to meet the other parents in the school. I have made great friends and know that we are there for each other and willing to help in any way we can both inside and out of school.

I look forward in hearing from you.

Christine Hourihan (Chairperson)